Developing of the education path in the Fekete István Education Center

Nimfea Nature Conservation Association

  • Theme of project
    Renovation of the already formed education path, establishing of bird repatriation station, creation of renewable energy exhibition place
  • Project summary
    The Fekete István Education Center built in the forest of the HOTEK is suitable for the nature-conservational approachforming in a nice area, as the forest surrounding the Education Center is serving the better knowing of environment- and nature protection. In our program we apply for support for a program, which promote the nature-conservational approach forming, serving the interest of the local people and the citizens of the Nagykunság region. The program would realize an education path in the forest around the Education Center, establishing natural games, resting- and educating basis, and only natural resources would be used up for the realization. The area would formed be nature conservation centralized, as the selective waste collection would be realized (the selective waste collecting trash cans are already bought), a composting system would established and by the using of renewable energy resources (sun-, wind and biomass) for different apparates would contribute to the popularization of renewable energy resources. The establishing of bird repatriation station in the forest is belonging to our forest-developing aims, as this station would serve educating, approach-forming aims and would reduce the problem of injured protected birds, in the region. Besides these native tree and bush species would planted for education aims, bird-protection park would established and a herb-garden.
  • Objectives, present situation
    The environmental education is one of the target-programs of the Nimfea Nature Conservation Association. Several camps, lectures, weekend programs, free-time activities and trips were organized for local students and students from disadvantaged regions, and from Budapest. The popular camps are organized in different places in every year. Programs are regularly organized on the „Green Days”, just like the International World Day, Water Day, Habitat Day, etc.
    The organisations were held in different places, in local and regional level too.
    The need for our activity is raising from year-to-year. The Nimfea started to build its Education Center ten years before. The lack of capital and many other factors, the education center was not build for ten years. Last year the new applications made possible the starting of the building. The Fekete István Environmental Education Center is build up this year. The poor funding limit our possibilities. The present funding enough for the finishing the building and for furnishing.
    The Education Center is settled in a small forest next to Túrkeve, which is maintained by the Nimfea Nature Conservation Association and its partner organisation, the Herman Otto Nature Protection Group (HOTEK). The education center is for the ensuring of regular programs and free-time activities for children and students, for summer camps also.
    The exhibitions in the center presents the natural values of the region, popularize the renewable energy resources, introduce the work of the Nimfea.
    An education path was formed in the forest few years befora, but most parts of it were stolen, because the forest was not fenced around. The finishing of the building creates the possibilities for the establishing the education path. The education path would formed for the introducing of the wildlife of the forest and the neighbouring grassland and wetland habitats. A sample park would formed for the introducing and popularization of bird protection, where every types of nest-boxes, feeders and bird protection technics, equipment could be introduced to the visitors.
    A renewable energy introducing site would be formed near the education center, where the visitors could study sun-collector and sun-cell systems, wind-turbines and biomass using opportunities.
    The Nimfea Nature Conservation Association maintain a bird repatriation station, but the present capacity is not enough for the sick birds. Mainly white storks, buzzards, kestrels, herriers are cured here. A new repatriation station would build near the education center, where the long-term keeping of the injured birds can be solved. Besides the repatriation, the visitors could meet these birds. Those birds, which can not be repatriated would be placed here too. The visiting of the bird voliers would be the part of the education path.
  • Location
    Hungary, Norther Great Plain Region, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, Nagykun small region, town of Túrkeve
  • Target groups
    The main target groups are local children and students from the region. The planned education path is unique in Hungary, because no similar projects were realized yet. The approach-forming work would be also done for teachers and for the parents to. We would like to reach that regular teacher-trainings would be organised in the Education Center and the education path would be the part of it.
  • Used methods
    Innovative education work combined the inside work with field trip in the same place. The obtained knowledge could be practised in the same place and there is no need for travelling far away for field trip.
  • Team

Mr. R. Benedek Sallai - managing director of Nimfea Nature Conservation Association (nature conservational engineer)
Ms. Zsuzsanna Székely - program-leader (biology-environment protection teacher)
Mr. Ákos Monoki - targetprogram-leader of biodiversity protection (biology-environment protection teacher)

  • Environmental effects of the project

    The nature conservational, and educational forest management and developing, forma n education basis, which fills a gap, as there are no other education centers for these aims, in the region. The education basis is for the nature- and environmental education of the people of the small region, and the visitors. The formed education path and the environmental games, tests specieally those which are operating by sun-cells, contribute to the developing of environmental approach. We can reach the develping of nature- and environment protection related behavior by the selective waste collection basis, composting system. The introducing plates and nest-boxes, bird feeders have got approach-forming effect, which draw the attention to the importance of bird protection. Introducing plates of plants are for the better knowing of plant species, for their effective protection. The planned bird repatriation station helps the introducing of birds, studying, and the developing of consciousness for injured birds.
    We pay attantion for the using and popularizing of renewable energies too in our education center. Besides the sun-collector and pellet-burning heating system of the building, special learning games will be maintained in the forest, which are operated by sun-cells. A small wind-turbine will be built next to the forest for water pumping for the herb-garden and watering-places.
    The using of renewable energy systems contribute to their popularization and have got huge approach-forming effect, showing the using opportunities of renewables.

  • Importance of the project

The planned project is filling a gap in the small-region as no similar projects were realized and there are no similar Education Centers in the Nagykunság. There are no any education path, no basis for approach-forming in the small-region.
The establishing and maintaining of the birs repatriation station is another important task, as the two other repatriation stations are far away to here and the transportation of the birds is not solved in the longer term, as it is creating huge costs for the authorities and for our Association too.
The injured birds could get first-aid and professional nursing all the time and the longer-term careing would be also solved here. The introduction of the birds would serve educational and approach-forming aims.
We would like to develop this small forest to a small education basis which means a huge value for the town, to the local people for the citizens of the region. The basis is for everybody, for children, adults, families, retired people and handicapped, disabled people too. The visitors can learn about nature conservation and environment protection, their behavior would became environment- and nature-friendly. The theoretical and practical teaching could be realized in one place, contributing to the effective work.
The nest-boxes in the forest maintain the diverse bird-fauna, the regular winter-feeding helps to protect the forest against the harmful insects. By the planting of ancient plant, tree and bush species, the biodiversity will raise in the forest, and the adventive species will extinct.
The visitors can meet a forest which is in a good condition, its wildlife is diverse, can meet the natural values, nature conservation methods, renewable enrgy using opportunities. The knowledge of the visitors will be developed and their approach will be drawed to environment protection.

  • Obtained results

The official opening of the Fekete István Education Center will be at early October. The building is nearly finishing and few works were started for the establishing of the education path.
Education workbook series are edited for different aged students.
This small forest of seven hectares is owned by the Local Government of Túrkeve, but rented and maintained by the Nimfea Nature Conservation Association and its member organisation, the Herman Otto Nature Conservation Group as the area is a local nature conservation site. Nest-boxes are placed out for birds, to create new breeding places for protected bird species.

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