By public transport

If you would like to approach Túrkeve at first you need to arrive at Kisújszállás or Mezőtúr.
Kisújszállás can be found the train service between Budapest- (Debrecen)- Nyíregyháza.
Mezőtúr can be found the train service between Budapest- (Szolnok) – Békéscsaba.
Attention! Intercity trains stop at Mezőtúr but does not at Kisújszállás.
Túrkeve takes up the place from Kisújszállás/Mezőtúr about 13-15 kms.
Railway timetible is very useful for you if you see it in the internet:
Unfortunately there is not any railway line in Túrkeve that is why you have to continue your journey by bus.
Buses leave from railway station for Túrkeve in Kisújszállás and Túrkeve, too.
If you would not like to wait for connection so much I can offer you to see this homepage: or
After you get on the bus, buy your ticket to Túrkeve bus-station.
When you get off the bus, you will find yourself in downtown Túrkeve.
At the end of the bus journey, you need to walk about 15 minutes according to the atteched map to find our educational center, it is named István Fekete.

By car

From Budapest
You have to drive main road number 4 from Budapest to Debrecen.
Kisújszállás is situated from Budapest about 150 kilometers, length of tour is 1,5-2 hours.
When you arrive at Kisújszállás you will see the Mayor Office on your left side in the center.
Before the traffic light turn right. This is the way leads to Túrkeve.

From Debrecen
This way is the similar as come from Budapest but in the opposite direction.
You come from Debrecen drive main road number 4 from Debrecen to Budapest.
In the center of Kisújszállás you need to turn left after the traffic light.

From Kisújszállás or Mezőtúr

If you drive from Kisújszállás or Mezőtúr turn your attention to the road sign with the sign said „Center”=”Centrum”.
When you find this sign along the road turn right if you come from Mezőtúr, if you come from Kisújszállás, the opposite direction, turn left and drive straight on.
This is Attila József Street. Some minutes later you will see the Roman Catholic Church on your left side.
This building indicates the start of Széchenyi Street.
You can already read the attached map from here to reach the Head Office of Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association in Ecsegi Street, at 22.
If we could ask you would be so kind to park your car the right side of the road next to our site because of the neighbours.


Túrkeve is situated on the Great Hungarian Plain, in Jász- Nagykun- Szolnok County

Arriving from the neighbouring towns (Kisújszállás, Mezőtúr and Kuncsorba)

The way to the Central Office I.

The way to the Central Office II.

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