Traditional domestic animals grazing the grasslands of Túrkeve

We decided to start updating the English website as well, so from now on we will try to regularly provide some information on our current activities.
Since last autumn, animal-keeping became a more active field within the framework of the Túrkeve Landscape Rehabilitation and Regional Development Program. This complex program aims to revitalize grazing animal-keeping in the region, in order to preserve the valuable habitats of the surrounding grasslands and wetlands rich in rare and protected species. We put a special emphasis on using traditional breeds, such as the racka sheep with its special twisted, spiral-shaped horn. The helping hand of the shepherd is the pumi, a traditional Hungarian sheepdog - with some terrier blood in her veins - for guiding and chasing the herd of sheep.
We also keep traditional Hungarian horse breeds, such as the Shagya Arabian (also known as the Arabian of Bábolna), Furioso-North Star and the Kisber Halfbred. These horses serve various purposes: they pull a cart; they help children to make friendship with horses; they are a reliable partner for beginners or advanced riders to learn horseback riding or to go for a trail ride in the peace and beauty of nature.
For meeting the growing needs of horse-keepers, who wish to provide their favorite horses with a high quality stable and appropriate living conditions, the "horse boarding" services of Nimfea will expand in the near future: a new stable is being built with 7 separated stalls, the horses will spend most of their days grazing in the fenced paddock, and riders can learn all tricks of dressage and show-jumping with the help of a qualified trainer.
People say that Hungarians are the people of horses. Our ancestors arrived in the Carpathian Basin on horseback, and horses were great friends ever since. They played an important role in wars and combats, and horses were the basis for the famous hussar traditions. There were times, when herds of several hundreds horses grazed the nearby grasslands. Our equestrian culture is a living heritage, combining recreation and exercise, and at the same time helping to preserve the unique natural values of this landscape.

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