You can also support the programs of our Association!

    Anybody has got the chance to support the aims of Nimfea. The Association have made three different kind of "brick tickets". If you buy one of our tickets you can support the implementation of one of our main programs.
The first brick ticket is for the reconstruction and development of the windmill in Túrkeve. We would like to have the windmill as an industrial monument declared then give back the mill's original functions and preserve it for the future generations.

    With the second ticket you can help the development of horse activities in Túrkeve. The organization would like to spend the offered amount to build an EU compliant stable and new corrals and to support the Hungarian horse species breeding and keeping.
With buying the third ticket you can sponsor the rehabilitation of a local protected forest in Túrkeve. With your support this forest would be a welfare public forest. Every ticket costs 1000 Hungarian forint (approximately 4 Euro) but of course you can purchase more tickets at the same time. Anybody can buy these tickets in our central office or if the future supporter sends us an e- mail to the info 'at'

   The names of the supporters will be on the thanksgiving boards at the locations of the investments (one board will be placed on the wall of the windmill, one on the wall of the new stable, and another one in the forest).
Certainly if you would not like to take this opportunity, it is also possible.


Further information:
Nimfea Environment and Nature Conservation Association
Central telephone number: 00-36-56/361-505
Central address: Túrkeve, P.O. Box: 33., H-5421,
Central e-mail address: info 'at'

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