Artificial nest for the Sakers

   Last week the colleagues of Nimfea Environmental and Nature Conservation Association were shocked to see that the poplar trees next to the grassland called Fehér-tó were cut. Unfortunately there was no possibility to avoid logging trees, including the tree holding a nest of Sakers.
   In 2004 an artificial nest was put on one of the poplars next to Fehér-tó, between Túrkeve and Kisújszállás, and a breeding pair of Saker falcons (Falco cherrug) settled in the nest and raised their chicks successfully in the last two years. The pair of Sakers has been around this grassland for the recent years, but now their nesting place was destroyed by logging trees.
   With the help of Hortobágy National Park and E-on, the regional electricity provider a new artificial nest was placed on a post close to the cut trees.
Hopefully the fast and efficient action will enable the Sakers to successfully nest and breed next year!


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