The "Nimfea" Environment and Nature Conservation Association works in the Great Hungarian Plain as an eminently community and non-governmental organisation, solving many environment protection and nature conservation tasks. The organisation of 1000 members includes many professional local groups, which represnt the aims and the viewpoints of the association, in their region.

  • The Association maintains a bird repatriation station. Sick and electric shocked birds are tended here, where our collegues do the repatriation of these birds too. White storks (Ciconia ciconia), buzzards (Buteo buteo), kestrels (Falco tinnunculus), peregrines (Falco peregrinus) are the general species, which get to the bird hospital, but we had a spotted eagle (Aquilla clanga) at once.
  • Experiments are made with different habitat reconstructions with ecologycal conditon-restorations, where many waders can find feeding and breeding places.
  • We organise programs camps for young and the elder children too, in our environmental education program. Our environmental education center has been started to build and we keep up a farm, where our guests have the opportunity for horse riding, and taking part in many other programs. We commemorate regularly the environment and nature conserving days within the scopes of different actions.
  • Active species protection programs are done, where we do the habitat researching and conservation works too, like the great bustard (Otis tarda), collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) or the Umbra crameri protection projects.
  • Actions are organised to prevent the environment damaging investments, just like against dam building on living rivers, or road building through protected areas.
  • A suncollector building workshop is maintained by our environment protection program. In this program we also continue a strong campaign for the waste free wastemanagement, and we edit the Green News educational paper.
  • Our Association does a lot of faunistical, ecological highlighted researches on amphibiants, fishes, insects in our region. The resoults of these researches are summerized in our yearbook, called The Puszta.
  • We work hard to buy habitats worthy of protection, just like the Fegyver-fenék, where we have greylag geese white egrets, bitterns, breeding here.
  • The Central Office is maintained to help the work of the member organisations, and give advices to the inquirers.

          Introducing the work of the Association

  The "Nimfea" Environment and Nature Conservation Association, granted with the "Pro Natura" prize in 1997, is one of the biggest organisations of the Trans-Tiszanian region, with more than 1000 members, 16 well working local groups and member organisations, with one central office. The predecessor of the Association was founded in Szarvas, in the Agricultural Water and Environmental Management Faculy of the Agricultural University of Debrecen, in 1988. The membership became more and more populous by the graduates of the College, who took part of the organising of lectures, exhibitings, camps and other programs.

- The plan, that a legally and financially stable organisation should be done, for ensuring its own operation, arrised in 1992.
- The Békés County Court registered us in 1993, as "Nimfea" Nature Conservation Association (Szarvas). The name of our organisation (Nimfea) originates from the simplified name of the water-lily genus. The working area of the Association is the region of the Körös rivers, the Nagykunság and Hortobágy. Our tasks are first of all the protection of the nature, inside this, the preservation of the protected and non-protected animals and plants, and their habitats. The education and cooperating with educational institutions is another task of us. The Associations works out recommendations for solving natureconservation tasks, some part of these get realized by our own force.
- The first member organisation, based in 03. December 1994, was the Sárrét Nature Conservation Organization (STSZ) and than joined to us the Herman Ottó Natureconservation Group (HOTEK), which was founded in 1991. The Central Office was formed in 1995, which tasks are fundrising and coordinating the work of the member organisations.
- We have a full-time worker at the office since 1996. The Association holds together the groups, organisations and individual members, in different counties, who agree with our aims and accept the works that should be done in the nature conservation. The membership is growing continuously.
   Well working projects are running by the help of the member organisations, like: bird repatriation, habitat reconstruction, environmental education, exploring non-protected areas, researches, protection of owls, pratincole and great bustard on the field. The building of the Fekete István Environment and Nature Conservation Center, has been started. We campaign against the habitat destruction activities. Besides the professional programs, the ideas of Fekete István are the primary mission of the Association.
The introduction of the planned work:
The programs described below shows the multiple activities of us, but it does not show our daily work and our various obligations. We got subsidies for most of the described programs and activities, some of them are continuous programs which do not depend on the supporters. The professional subsidies do not cover the operational costs. Without the operational background, the execution of all of the programs could be very difficult or impossible. The problem is that we do many public and important activities, with the possible smallest infrastructure, so we have to face day from day that so many tasks are left to solve, but the worker of the office can not have enough time and capacity to undertake new programs. Our main aim is to solve more and more professional programs with the smallest background costs, and sometimes this is the biggest problem..


  •  Nature Conservation
    - Flooding for habitat-reconstruction: This habitat-reconstruction have been made in the region of Karcag, in the Kecskeri puszta. The area of the flooding is 14 Ha. The water-pumping caused huge costs, but lately we had to face with the problem of water-saving.
    - Maintaining the bird repatriation station: We maintain this station since 1995, where sick birds are cured and repatriated. No subsidies were given to maintain the station in the last two years, although the maintaining of it is very important in the longer term. Placing of artificial nests: Although it seems an unimportant thing, this a very important field of activity for many bird species. Unfortunatelly one nest for owls became 8-9 thousand HUF, and the nest for rollers is about 1-1,5 thousand HUF, so this had to be made into a stand alone program, because of its high costs.
    - Natural condition surveying, researches: Continuously running by the help of many volunteers and graduates, where our collegues and members do their researches from the Upper-Tisza region, to the Őrség. Nature conservation plan proposals are made for four or five new places worthy of conservation on nation wide level, yearly, and we supply new datas from the same amount of protected places. There were many cases of finding new species in Hungary by our collegues.
    - Species protection programs: The protection of the great bustard (Otis tarda) on the field is done by us, in the last four years, on behalf of the Körös-Maros National Park. Besides of the bustard protection, our collegues look after the breeding population of the collared pratincole (Glareola pratincola) too, and we have major tasks with the protection of the barn owl (Tyto alba) and the Umbra crameri.
  • Environment protection
    - Maintaining of suncollector-building workshop: The workshop will be stable built up with every instruments, in the near future and the suncollector building for the people needs will be started at autumn. The financing is getting better, but a little bit more is needed for the optimal. Well organized program, with stable financial base by the support of the REC, where we raise the awareness for using opportunities alternative energy resources.
    - Initiation of selective waste collection: We would like to reach the building of a selective waste yard in Túrkeve, which is controlled by greens. The first checkings have been made by the supporting of the Milieukontakt. The only question is, whether we should start this venture program, but capital and safe functional background is needed.
  • Environmental education
    - Green days: We are organising a large scaled demonstration in Békéscsaba, at the Environment protection World Day. We take part of the programs of the Waste collecting World Day and the International Bird counting World Day.
    - Camps: Just like the preceding years, five camps were organised this summer, in Túrkeve, Biharugra, Dévaványa, Szarvas and Kemence. The operation background for the organisation of the camps is impossible to procure, because the getting of the ISM subsidies for the professional programs is not ensured.
    - Handouts: The yearbook of the Association is the Puszta, the Green News is appearing in every month, and our bookseries is called Zöldike.
  • Lobby, public life, green politics
    - Conserving of non-protected areas: One place became protected as a resoult of our initiation in Túrkeve, and there are four other places under the planning period of the nature reservetaion manifestation.
    - Civil order, decree about the protection of the local values of nature: The body of the members of the local self government accepted the decree about the local values of nature in Túrkeve, and we would like to achieve it in the surrounding towns too.
    These programs do not aim the solving of global problems, we know. But the local initiations with measureble, concrete resoults helps the solving of the global problems, and for it the developing of the informatical instruments is very important.
  • Financial Report 2004

    For more information please contact our Central Office.
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